The Movement


FREAK Gang is a movement that represents a lot of today’s generation. F.R.E.A.K. is an acronym that stands for Fuck Reality Earn A Kingdom. This is why anyone can be considered a freak. Freaks in general like to recede to an alternate plane they have constructed in their own minds, this plane exists simply for them to live freely under no one else’s circumstances. We can not be defined how we dress, or by our habits. You can never know someone until they completely open up the gates to their Kingdom.

The Freak Gang creed is to understand and believe that true happiness is achieved only when all limits and expectations are removed from their environment, and in today’s world this has to be done consciously in order to make it reality. This is where, fuck reality earn a kingdom, comes into play. A freak’s strongest ability is to convert all emotion into motivation and dedication, therefore all who consider themselves apart of this movement believe their minds and creative intelligence to be the ultimate unstoppable force. In other words, their are Freaks all around you don’t be afraid to embrace your Kingdom!

We at Freak Gang Entertainment strive to wake up the masses through the influence of music. Established in 2012, Freak Gang works with with independent artists helping them to reach their potential.  We also partner with Hip Hop based businesses with the same goal in mind. We are in control of our own destiny, do not limit your self because of the worldly view of governments and narrow minded beings. Join the movement, Fuck Reality Earn A Kingdom!!!